Important Updates

A new policy — SPG 601.91 Clery Act Compliance — outlines the expectations of the U-M Division of Public Safety and Security and employees designated as CSAs in the university’s compliance with the Clery Act.  Adults working with minors have been identified as CSAs and must complete the mandatory training annually in addition to the required CoC training modules. Any questions related to Clery training requirements can be directed to

Responding to Emergencies

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  • Minor illnesses and injuries require different responses than major situations that may require calling 911
  • Identify triggers for determining levels of emergencies:
    • Is first aid treatment sufficient?
    • Is there head trauma?
    • Choking?
    • Loss of consciousness?
    • Difficulty breathing?
    • Severe injury or bleeding?
    • Are there complicating factors that increase risk?

    When in doubt — call 911!

    • Assess the situation using established criteria
    • Determine whether EMS needs to be called
    • When EMS is needed, dial 911. Know the exact street location for program activities.
    • If possible, remove other children and unnecessary adults from area
    • Document all emergency interventions and inform first responders

    • Provide copies of Medical Authorization to Treat form
    • One adult should accompany the child to the hospital
    • Notify parents/guardians or designated emergency contact persons as soon as possible
    • Stay with child until responsible adult arrives

    Health Treatment Centers

    OFF-CAMPUS: Know the nearest health center to your program’s off-campus location. Provide that information to program staff as part of training materials

    ON-CAMPUS: Be sure that all authorized adults and program staff have contact information for the campus health centers:

    Michigan Medicine
    1500 East Medical Center Drive
    Ann Arbor, MI 48109
    (734) 936-4000

    Ann Arbor
    University Health Service
    207 Fletcher Street
    Ann Arbor, MI 48109
    (734) 764-8310

    Henry Ford Hospital–Fairlane
    19401 Hubbard Drive
    Dearborn, MI 48128
    (313) 982-8100

    Genesys Hospital
    One Genesys Parkway
    Grand Blanc, MI 48439
    (810) 606-5710

    Injuries and Illnesses

    • All injuries requiring medical care:
      • Bring a copy of the Medical Release form and other medical information to hospital/clinic
      • Authorized adult should accompany child to hospital/clinic
      • Program administrator notifies parents, and any others who need to know
      • Complete the Incident form
    • Alert the following people/departments:
      – Director
      – Risk Management Services
      – Other program staff as needed
    • Complete the incident form; collect the following information:
      – Where, what time, and how the injury occurred (use the Incident Report to guide you through the process)

    And be sure to keep this matter private.