Overnight programs involving minors are restricted. Academic in-person programs/events must be approved by your Dean.   Once approved, all programs must continue to follow the Children on Campus policy, requirements and COVID guidelines as outlined in the COVID Planning Checklist


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  • Special considerations for safety are required
    • Secure prior approval of the dean, director or department head
    • Appoint a responsible person to oversee and/or supervise the activities of children to reduce, or eliminate, the risk of personal injury and the risk of damage to projects and property
  • Prudent precautions
    • Do not allow children in laboratories where hazardous substances are stored or are in use, or where hazardous activities are in progress unless accompanied by the responsible person
    • Students from primary and secondary schools may occasionally enter laboratories as part of educational programs under carefully controlled and supervised conditions
  • More guidance is available in Environment, Health and Safety Guidelines
  • Exceptions:
    • In consultation with Environment, Health and Safety
    • At the discretion of the dean, director, or department head
    • No risk of injury or illness in excess of everyday risks
    • No significant disruptions to the working environment
    • When parental permission and indemnification is obtained