Overnight programs involving minors are restricted. Academic in-person programs/events must be approved by your Dean.   Once approved, all programs must continue to follow the Children on Campus policy, requirements and COVID guidelines as outlined in the COVID Planning Checklist

General Safety

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  • When transporting minors, more than one authorized adult or staff from the program must be present in the vehicle, except when multiple minors will be in the vehicle at all times during the trip
    • Avoid using personal vehicles if possible and comply with the program’s transportation guidelines
  • Do not provide medication to a minor unless authorized by the program’s medication management guidelines
  • Possession or use of any type of weapon or explosive device is prohibited unless authorized in advance by campus law enforcement
  • Do not use, possess, or be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs while on duty, or in the presence of minors involved in a program, or when responsible for a minor’s welfare
  • Do not provide alcohol or illegal drugs to a minor