Overnight programs involving minors are restricted. Academic in-person programs/events must be approved by your Dean.   Once approved, all programs must continue to follow the Children on Campus policy, requirements and COVID guidelines as outlined in the COVID Planning Checklist

Electronic Forms

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  • Electronic forms opt-in during program registration
    • Some forms may be electronically generated
    • Forms tailored to program needs — no guesswork!
  • Some forms may not be completed electronically
    • Protected Health Information (PHI)
    • Parents/guardians prompted to download forms specific to participant needs
  • Forms include
    • Medical Authorization to Treat
    • Over-the-Counter Medication Authorization
    • Self-Administration of Prescription Medication
  • Forms must be returned to program in hard copy, mail, or uploaded securely via M+Box
  • Programs must advise parents/guardians how to return forms