Overnight programs involving minors are restricted. Academic in-person programs/events must be approved by your Dean.   Once approved, all programs must continue to follow the Children on Campus policy, requirements and COVID guidelines as outlined in the COVID Planning Checklist


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Be prepared to enact any medical emergency protocols that have been put in place to manage the situation.

DPSS will manage the process through these situations

  • First 5 minutes
    • DPSS is notified
    • DPSS calls parents and program/event personnel
    • Ensure the safety of the child
    • Assess any medical needs — keep this matter private
    • Complete incident report
  • Next 10 minutes
    • Alert anyone who needs to be apprised of the incident
      • Dean, director or department head
      • Risk Management Services
      • Communication officer
    • Assess lessons learned
    • Implement changes as required