Important Updates

A new policy — SPG 601.91 Clery Act Compliance — outlines the expectations of the U-M Division of Public Safety and Security and employees designated as CSAs in the university’s compliance with the Clery Act.  Adults working with minors have been identified as CSAs and must complete the mandatory training annually in addition to the required CoC training modules. Any questions related to Clery training requirements can be directed to

Non-University Sponsored Programs

Non-University-Sponsored Programs

All third party organizations wishing to use University of Michigan
(“U-M”) facilities to host activities involving children/teens must
complete the Third Party Acknowledgment of Responsibility
form (listed below). Note: this form may require modification to fit the specific
needs of the program, or may be inapplicable depending on the
situation. Questions regarding the applicability of this form should
be directed to Risk Management.

Additional Requirements of Non-University Sponsored Programs

We require programs to meet all of the following guidelines and provide documentation to the facility manager:

  • Complete a Third Party acknowledgement form revised 19.
  • Demonstrate proof of insurance for the duration of the program, event or activity occurring on university property.
  • Inform participants that your program or activity is not sponsored by U-M.
  • Provide proof that program or event authorized adults have completed background checks.
  • Train staff and volunteers on policies and issues related to health, wellness, safety and security of children/teens, and document their completion.
  • Obtain Liability Waiver agreements.
  • Immediately report information indicating that a child or teen has, or is suspected to have been, abused or neglected, or other misconduct affecting the safety of children or teens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I register my non-university-sponsored program?
Yes. The U-M program registry includes university-sponsored programs or events that are owned and sponsored by U-M and held on U-M facilities.

Can I use U-M program training materials for my non-university sponsored program?
Yes, in keeping with the mission of the university to serve the people of Michigan and the world, you are welcome to use the available resources for training your program’s staff and volunteers.

Who must complete a background check and how often are they required?
Background checks are required for all individuals who participate in programs or events involving children and teens; the requirement applies to university-sponsored programs and events and non-university-sponsored programs.

Background checks are required before an individual begins working with children and teens, and then every two years thereafter.

Can you provide recommendations for vendors to do background checks?
Background checks should include (at a minimum), a review of the county criminal records for the past seven years of residence, Social Security verification and the National Sex Offender Registry. ICHAT (state of Michigan) checks are not sufficient. While we don’t recommend specific providers, we encourage vendors to seek a reputable company offering these services.

Where do I submit my program’s staff/volunteer background check certificate?
Administrators of non-university-sponsored programs or events are required to retain and be able to produce evidence of background check completion for all adults involved in their programs.

Whom can I contact for help locating a facility to host my program?
Conference Services at the University of Michigan is a full-service conference and event-planning group that can assist groups looking for space on the university’s campus. Individuals wishing to inquire about their services should contact Conference Services directly at 734-764-5297, via email at, or visit their website.