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A new policy — SPG 601.91 Clery Act Compliance — outlines the expectations of the U-M Division of Public Safety and Security and employees designated as CSAs in the university’s compliance with the Clery Act.  Adults working with minors have been identified as CSAs and must complete the mandatory training annually in addition to the required CoC training modules. Any questions related to Clery training requirements can be directed to

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The Primary Contact has administrative responsibility for the program and may receive inquiries from the U-M community about the program. 

The Public Contact may receive inquiries from the general public about the program. The Public Contact's information may also be listed in U-M print and electronic communications.

Please provide contact information below for both primary and public contact information
Primary Program Contact

Public Program Contact


i.e., This program has received or anticipates receiving approval by U-M's Institutional Review Boards (IRB) to conduct research on program participants.


Please enter the date(s) of your program.
  • The "Start Date" should signify the first day a program is offered.
  • Leave "End Date" blank if this is a one day program.
  • If the program is offered over a span of time or for more than one session, the "End date" should signify the last date the program is offered. 
  • The time span between "Start Date" and "End Date" should not exceed 12 months.

Note: This Option Should Be Used For In-Person Programs Only. If Your Program Is Virtual- Please Access the Virtual Resources Link

Risk Management and the Center for Educational Outreach piloting a system that allows Children on Campus forms to be completed by parents/guardians electronically. All U-M programs are welcome to participate in this pilot. By selecting "Yes" below, the Public Public Contact will receive a link via email to a set forms specific to this program that can be shared with parents/guardians and program participants. Forms available for completion electronically include:
  • Participant Conduct Agreement*
  • Participation Agreement and Waiver* (w/Chaperones and/or Transportation, if applicable)
  • Pick-Up Authorization*
  • Media, Photo & Video Release (if applicable)
  • State of Michigan Concussion Form (if applicable)
*Required for all programs

The following forms must be completed on paper. If you choose to utilize the Children on Campus electronic forms, parents/guardians will be prompted to download, complete and return applicable forms to the Public Contact.
  • Medical Authorization to Treat*
  • Over-the-Counter Medication Authorization
  • Self-Administration of Prescription Medication
It is the responsibility of the program to make sure that all necessary forms are complete for all program participants. Programs should always make paper forms available on request.

For more information about the electronic forms, please contact the Center for Educational Outreach (CEO)at or view our FAQ.

The U-M Center for Educational Outreach (CEO) shares information with U-M community partners and the public about academic outreach and enrichment opportunities available to youth through the Ann Arbor campus. 

For more information, please contact CEO at