See the U-M Standard Practice Guide: Policy on Minors Involved in University Sponsored Programs or Programs Held in University Facilities

University-Sponsored Programs (programs and activities under the direction and authority of the university and that are administered by faculty, staff and sponsored student organizations on behalf of the university) must:

  • Participate in program registration.
  • Follow the established Code of Conduct.
  • Submit to criminal background screening of all faculty, staff, students and volunteers.
  • Use university-provided templates for participant forms.
  • Agree to have faculty, staff, students, and volunteers complete required training.
  • Adhere to all reporting obligations

Non-University-Sponsored Programs (programs that are not operated on behalf of the university or under the university’s control) must:

  • Comply with facility usage requirements including providing certificate of insurance and certificate of compliance with university guidelines for children and teen programming.
  • Comply with program participation requirements including for example, providing appropriate adult supervision for the children or teens under their care.

Reporting Obligations

The university expects support for and accountability from those working with children and teens through shared responsibility for reporting misconduct, criminal activity or known or suspected abuse or neglect of children and teens.

Anyone participating in a university-sponsored program or a non-university-sponsored program operating in university facilities who knows, suspects, or receives information indicating that a child or teen has been abused or neglected, or who has other concerns about the safety of children or teens MUST inform the appropriate campus department of public safety (numbers listed below) or the Michigan Department of Human Services at (855) 444-3911.

Ann Arbor – (734) 763-3434

Dearborn – (313) 593-5333

Flint – (810) 762-3333

Other Policies Related to Children and Teens

The university has specific policies addressing children or teens as employees, research subjects, research laboratory visitor or volunteers, and patients. Please contact Kathleen Rychlinski, assistant director of Risk Management Services at 734-764-2200 or kmrychli@umich.edu if you have questions about these activities.

University of Michigan Admitted and Enrolled Minors

Students under the age of 18 who have been admitted to an undergraduate or graduate academic degree program for academic credit or who have matriculated to the University of Michigan are expected to comply with university policies for students. The information contained in this website is not geared to university admitted and enrolled students who are still minors.

This policy does apply to students attending classes under a dual enrollment program.