Student Organizations Notice

Student organizations at the University of Michigan are student led and organized.   They exist based on the principle that students have a right to freely associate without coercion and undue influence from the university. Most student organizations at the university are considered to be voluntary student organizations. Voluntary student organizations are independently and solely responsible for their publications and activities.

Only those activities and events that have university oversight are listed as university-sponsored youth programming on this website.

These student organizations receive limited access to university support and benefits based on their agreement to comply with the university’s expectations for student organization conduct. Due to the independent nature of voluntary student organizations, voluntary student organizations do not speak for or represent the University of Michigan.

Except as necessary in cases of violation of university policy, the university does not interfere with the internal affairs or speech of these organizations. Further, the university expressly disclaims any responsibility or liability for any representations or acts of voluntary student organizations or their representatives that are inconsistent with the University’s Standard of Conduct for Recognized Student Organizations.

For more information about student organizations on each campus, visit the following web sites:

Ann Arbor – Center for Campus Involvement

Dearborn – Office for Student Engagement

Flint – Department of Student Involvement and Leadership