Program or Event Planning

Program or Event Planning

Administrators are required to address the following topics in the planning and evaluation of programs or events:

  • Selection and screening of faculty, staff, students and  volunteers including criminal background checks
  • Training for all authorized adults
  • Supervision ratio
  • Safety and security planning
  • Participation requirement forms
  • Transportation
  • Housing
  • Program evaluation by faculty/staff, participants and parents
  • Risk management plan to minimize risk of harm, injury or loss
  • Response protocols when there is an injury or illness
  • Response protocols when an authorized adult or program staff is accused of misconduct
  • Response protocols when a participant is accused of misconduct
  • Program orientation or information for youth and parents
  • Insurance requirements
  • Record retention

Refer to the Program Planning Checklist for more information and guidance.


The University of Michigan is striving to develop positive children’s programming by sharing best practices and centralized resources to ensure a positive experience for all.

The program and event registry provides information about university-sponsored programs and events that have addressed child safety in their planning and have complied with all the requirements of the policy.

The U-M requires that all university-sponsored programs or events involving children and teens be registered annually. Program administrators are responsible for ensuring all information is current for their listed program(s) or event(s). It is recommended that registration be completed no later than 60 days before the program or event start date.

Under certain circumstances, program registration requirements may be waived or modified by Risk Management Services or the appropriate office on the Dearborn, Flint and Michigan Medicine campuses. For additional information about waivers of the registration requirement contact Risk Management Services at or 734-764-2200.


Training for program staff and volunteers focuses on policies and issues related to the health, wellness, safety and security of children and teens. Our training materials address the following topics:

  • Program or event planning and administration
  • Code of Conduct
  • Recognition and prevention of child abuse and neglect
  • Medical issues
  • Supervision, safety and security

Training for First Aid and CPR are optional and may be obtained from the American Heart Association or the American Red Cross.

We update our resources and guidance materials regularly, please check back frequently for the most up-to-date materials.

Program administrators are responsible for ensuring that all required training has been completed.

  • Training is valid for one year from date of completion and must be renewed annually.
  • Users should retain all successful training completion emails sent by the system in order to confirm appropriate retraining dates.
  • Proof of completion should be retained by program administrators for a minimum of three years.

To start training, please log in or register an account with Children on Campus.